POTD 2018/046. Same Smile, Now and Then
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Thursday, February 15, 2018
By J.W. Remington Photographics
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On this Throwback Thursday we celebrate the memory and smiles of the young, as well as the seasoned, Bob Brewer. A week ago today, Thursday February 8, 2018, everything was normal. I had no reason to imagine that I'd be having Bob gracing this page as the Throwback Thursday image today, much less for this reason. What a difference 7 days can make, never mind one.

I photographed his portrait with his World War II Navy portrait in-hand, for the purpose of showing how well that smile had stood up over the years. You've gotta admit, he's a pretty good looking guy right from the early- or mid-1940s through 2016, and and beyond. 

I photographed this on couch, in his living room, in Union City, Michigan on March 31, 2016, 1 year, 10 months, and 16 days ago.

I recall the first version I photographed had a large framed painting on that wall behind him. There was no angle I could choose to avoid it. It really wasn't the way to do it. I kept looking at that distracting element and wishing it was down, but not wanting to be too disruptive to their home. But in the end I knew it was the right thing to do, and from the stairs below it, with barely a safe grip on it, I was able to remove it. Getting it back up . . . not so easy. I think my father-in-law, the other Bob, wanted to throttle me for it. I hope today, with a smile, he can admit I was right, in spite of the nuisance it created.

When I first published this as my Photo of the Day on May 10, 2016, I titled it, "Same Smile, Now and Then," and wrote in the caption, "While he hasn't worn that uniform since 1946, 70 years later he's still wearing the same smile. As good now, as it was then!"

How right I was. And he wore that smile right up to the end, as evidence by an iPhone photograph my father-in-law took of him and sent to us hours before his departure. I can honestly say I didn't think that would be my last glimpse of him, yet it was. Time is precious my friends. Make it count.

Me miss that smile so much Bob. Thank you for sharing it with us, and for making the world brighter with it, for more than 91 years.

1/30 sec at f/5, ISO 800
Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens at 70mm

I hope you enjoy today's J.W. Remington Photographics' Photo of the Day for February 15, 2018!

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